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Tuesday, September 23

mother and child reunion

The plan was for Russell to take me as far as Olympia where Billy would meet us, turn around and take me to the Islands. It actually worked. We did not pass each other going in opposite directions, nobody ended up waiting in a deserted parking lot behind a pool hall while the sun set and there was no cell service.

Yes, I imagined all the worst possible scenarios. It is what mothers do.

The morning ride north was beautiful. You know, beauty can get on your nerves after a while. It's everywhere. No let up. Even at the rest stops.

We met up at a McDonald's parking lot and the mother was exchanged. Russ turned around and headed South alone, while Billy and I and 2 Goldens headed back North. The ride passed quickly as we caught up and talked politics and pasts and futures and Seattle's infrasructure and I tried and failed to keep myself from reaching over every so often and touching him, my much-missed boy.

I know how the ferry works now. Been here before. So I was happy to be in line for only 45 minutes and even happier that it didn't break down this time. While we waited, I took a few pictures. The ferry,

some birds on a piling.

Billy multi-tasking while Ginger watched.

Finally, on the ferry. I guess you get used to it, because Billy pulled out a DVD for us to watch to pass the time. Or you could watch this

and then Friday Harbor comes into view and we are almost home

But then, I was "home" the instant I hugged my boy in that McDonald's parking lot. The rest is scenery.

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