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Wednesday, September 24

day trips

What does one do in Paradise? Swim. Eat. Read. Eat. Play Wii. Yes, Wii.

We took the dogs to an off-leash beach, much to Jake's delight

I think they would have played in the water for hours, but there were tons of these around and we thought it best to get them out of there before stinging happened.

Took them a while to dry in the late Summer sun and they were a little confused about why we were in here and they were out there

There was whimpering.

Lunch was at a small deli-like place with a ho=hum view

and a stop at the bookstore next door.

A great used book place with wonderfully current and vintage titles tucked into every corner

So we shared our love of Golden Retrievers and deli food and books, one thng left. Food. I travel with a zester, Bill asked for a KitchenAid mixer for Christmas. It's in the DNA.

Pork tenderloin medallions on a bed of baby arugula, proscuitto, tomatoes and garlic. Carmelized broccoli. A watermelon salad with onion, feta and olives, dressed with a spicy lemon vinagrette.

That's my kid. :)

So, after we watched a movie, I was challenged to a game of Wii. Tennis eluded me but I started to get the hang of bowling. Actually won a game. It was good to laugh with my boy, even though most of the laughter was at my expense. I'm gonna practice when he's not looking.

A day of simple pleasures in the warmth of son shine. Life is good.

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