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Friday, September 5

bring your dog

Really. It is a pain sometimes to have your dog with you on vacation, but it's a joy, too. Especially when you have a city dog whose idea of excitement is to be off his leash for 5 minutes and who considers chasing a squirrel up a tree big game hunting.

Jake got to swim in Half Moon Lake in Western Wyoming. His usual swimming hole is the boat slip at LaSalle Park where he gets to paddle out while still on a leash. If he's lucky, he finds a spot deep enough for him to actually doggie paddle. But on vacation he got to swim and swim, way out there, no leash.

He was so proud of himself

And we loved seeing him so happy

So..bring your dog. Yes, you will have to take a lot of breaks and your car will smell like a wet dog and only half of the hotels out there will let your pet check in.

But think of how much help he can be as a photographer's assistant

and what he will learn of geography

Yes, bring your dog, but teach him to drive..

You'll be grateful in Iowa.

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