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Thursday, September 11

lazy day

Trying to mix vacation with work, still. Russell took Max to school for some last minute registration stuff and to see the campus. I vegged out, watched TV, read, walked the dog.

FInished my small journals. Yay. I still have some frames to finish and then I'll be ready for the Saturday Market. My stuff sold well in Oregon last year, so I'm hoping it will again. If I can move most of the product I brought this weekend, I can skip the Eugene market, although I would like the opportunity to try it out. Since we spend a lot of time out here, with intention to spend more, it would be good to experience more of what is available to me as a working, hopefully selling, artist.

We are staying near one of our favorite places here. Gathering Together Farm. It is an organic farming co-op with a beautiful and funky style.

The inside is a mix of farm stand and cafe

and there is cafe seating outside, too

Who would not want to eat here? They have a wonderful Sunday brunch that we hope to find time for again this year.

Speaking of eating, we took the boys for pizza at American Dream, a really good pizzeria that got famous for a day when Obama made a surprise stop for lunch earlier this year

As you would expect they have photos and news clippings of the event prominently displayed. The kids came back to the cottage with us and we played some of the games the owners provided. Much laughter, teasing, high-fiving. It was really fun.

(Max and I killed at Cranium, but it's not about winning. Really. Ahem.)

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