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Saturday, September 6

at home in Oregon

Last year we spent some nights with friends and some in a motel. It was sufficient, but I never felt settled and comfortable. Plus, the cost of night after night in a Days Inn ate into the money I could use to buy more stickers for Jazmyn. (more on her later)

So, in January I started to plan and I found some cottages and guest houses and proceeded to convince people of Jake's sweet disposition and total lack of desire to chew on their property. There, on Craigs list was The Granny Flat. Just a few miles from where the boys live, and, after a correspondence and conversation, open to letting Jake reside there with us. Renting it for a month cut the cost dramatically and I held my breath and said OK, hoping that the reality marched the photos.

Well, you never know. I mean, have you never booked a hotel based on some glossy photos and rave reviews from previous guests about the breakfast buffet only to find a room smelling of mold, most of which came from the breakfast buffet?

Glenda said she would leave the door unlocked at the porch light on (just like Tom Bodette I guess) because we didn't know what time our marathon drive would get us there. As it turned out, we pulled in at daybreak and I crossed my fingers as we opened the door. I needn't have worried.

What you don't see are the fluffy towels, stacks of movies, attractive (matching!) dinnerware. The fireplace clicks on with a switch. The bed area overlooks the tiny deck that comes furnished with gas grill, table and chairs, sisal rugs.

You also don't see the friendly, accommodating hosts, Glenda and Jim Roe.

We have many plans for our stay, but it's gonna be hard to get me out of the house.

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