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Thursday, September 25

morning 9/25


Terry said...

Love your blog, keep up the good work.
I am reading your adventures on the west coast while recreating on a mountain in the Berkshires.
Betty and I are on our way to a show in Camden ME. With visits to our grandchildren and children in BOston Ma and Portland Me.
In case you are unsure of who I am you can visit
I am Betty's lacky performing probably many of the same functions RUssell performs for you. Terry

abramsbuffalo said...

Hi Pat. Checked out your blog. I really like it. I didn't know that you were also such a talented writer and photographer. Quite the renaissance woman! I was looking at the pressed paper quote by Joseph Campbell that I bought from you. "Find your bliss." Certainly sounds like you have found yours. I am leaving for Delhi, India on 11/4 with my niece and her son who are Buddhists. They are going for a teaching in Dehradun. I am going along for the ride. I will be staying in Delhi with side trips to places like the Taj Mahal and the banks of the Ganges. Thought about going to Kathmandu but the logistics of it just got crazy trying to plan from here. Might still go if arrangements can be made from there. Take care. Michael.