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Friday, September 26

lazy days

It has been rainy and gray the past couple of days, sort of what people think of when they think of the Pacific Northwest. But, in truth, it has been warm and sunny until now and there is relief that some rain has come because there have been fires here and there.

We have been just spending time. Me. Billy, Cassie, the dogs. Just being in the same space. Quiet conversation, shared meals, another game of Wii :) watching Mad Men.

I wonder if people who have this sort of time with their kids every day truly understand what a treasure it is. These ordinary days, burnished gold because they are rare, will see me through the WInter, make me smile remembering, keep our hearts close even when 3000 miles separate us.

We gather up these moments like squirrels gather nuts, I think. A hedge against the gray days.

I am almost ready to head home.

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