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Monday, September 8

market research part 1

It is time to think about work. I brought some books, frames and cards as well as makin's for more. Since I won't be doing the Fall Festival, I thought I'd try the markets. There are 2 out here that seem promising. The Eugene Saturday Market and the Portland Saturday Market (although that one also runs on Sunday)

First was Eugene. Eugene, Oregon is a pretty college town that I quickly dubbed "the land that time forgot" We were sitting in a public plaza, people watching, and I said to Russell "I keep feeling like I'm late for class or something" (I went to college in the late 60's, early 70's.)

But, we weren't there to relive my youth. I spoke to the folks at the info booth and there is a screening twice a month, the next one being on the 17th. The woman told me the market wasn't juried, but it was screened to make sure everything was handcrafted. "We don't want a flea market" she said. And it's not. There is probably a lot of stuff that would not be juried into the better shows, but there is also a lot of stuff that is as good or better.

There is a $40 fee to be a member and the cost of selling is $10 plus 10%. I don't think a market is going to be as lucrative as a good art and craft festival, but having an ongoing outlet for your work has got to be cool for the artists in the area. And it sure looks like a show

Now, in addition to the free people watching extravaganza, complete with drum circle, there is also a beautiful farmers market across the street

People seemed to be buying stuff, the atmosphere was festive. This is a definite possibility.

Next, the Portland Saturday Market.

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