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Thursday, September 18


So, I was watching Martha Stewart yesterday while Russell was throwing some more of our discretionary income at the van and she was doing a show on bloggers. The one that caught my attention was written by 2 women who lived on opposite coasts. They would each take a picture in the morning and they posted them side by side. It was fun to see how often they connected on a theme, but it stayed in my head all day.

What a great idea. Take one photo every morning of one simple moment of your life as the day starts. I looked around me and before I knew it I could see little vignettes, small bits of beauty that I would not have noticed without that project in mind.

How wonderful to begin each day with appreciation, with an eye to what is beautiful. And to find that beauty in the ordinary things that surround you, that have always been there if only you looked.

So, off I went this morning in search of my little nugget of wonderful. It was hard! The temptation was to go for the glamour shot:

No, that's too easy and not exactly unexpected beauty. Maybe a puppy on the deck photo?

Nah. Shameless pandering.

So my first morning photo will be a windowsill, garlic with its tissuey cover in a graceful fall, reflected in a tin cup, a flower garden fuzzy in the background through the window. The hunt is the treasure.

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