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Friday, September 19

goin' topless

Well, the folks at the Eugene Market said a structure was not required, so I will be set up like a gypsy, tables and racks out in the open air in the late Summer sun. This will be interesting.

We had wonderful meals today. Breakfast at Nearly Normals

That cheesy looking wonder was my breakfast. Perfect home fries with enchilllada sauce, baked with melted cheese, sour cream garnish. This is a once a year treat.

Then, back to Gathering Together Farm to be treated to lunch by a friend, Karen. Chose a salad this time, hoping to unstick the valves that slammed shut at breakfast. It is one of the most beautiful places to have luinch and certainly the most peaceful

So, now that I am well fed and peaceful, need to finish up some frames for tomorrow and pack up everything so we are good to go bright and early.

It couldn't be worse than last week, right?


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