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Wednesday, September 3

dotting the i's

No offense to those who live there, but on a cross country road trip, the "i" states are the ones to get through as soon as possible so you can get to Nebraska which you need to get through as soon as possible so the good part of the trip can start.

There are beautiful places in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. Trouble is, that when you travel through on an interstate, you see little of them. Iowa has beautiful cities, as does Indiana. And we all know Chicago. But you need a diversion to get you through the endless corn fields. The diversion we got as we crossed into Indiana was Max alerting us from the back seat that the bikes were falling off the roof rack. Sure enough, mine had fallen on it's side as if shot, clinging to the van only by the tire clamps. The boys righted it and we pulled in at the next rest stop to analyze the problem.

Russell determined a stabilizer was needed and he sacrificed his unipod. So on we went, the two bikes led fast by photography equipment.

Finally, we crossed the Mississippi. A nice little river, but she's no Niagara. :)

and Russell declared he wanted to have lunch along the river, at a place where you could sit outside, see the boats. After some meandering and accosting strangers for advice, a charming place was found outside DesMoines. Here you can see Max and Russell perusing the menu

If the picture looks a little grainy, that's because I took it from here:

and that's because Jake began barking furiously as we walked away from the car and there was no consoling him. And he was right. Even with all the windows open it was too hot to leave him. So I hung out with him, A/C running and we watched the boats

while I ate my lunch from a take out box. It was kind of fun, actually.

Lunch over, we headed out into the corn fields again, our only relief from monotony of the green, waving, bobbing stalks was the occasional stop for gas. A chance to see a town, some people. But the landscapers in Iowa City have an odd sense of humor, I'm thinking.

As night fell, we headed into Nebraska, Iowa saying goodbye to us with a beautiful sunset. Over the corn fields, of course.

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