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Monday, September 29


Oh, this is the hardest part. Saturday morning, early, I left my son behind, but not before I got to see him in his office...

..and I swear it was 5 minutes ago that I was telling his kindergarten teacher that it was just fine with me if he didn't color inside the lines. That, in fact, I preferred it. :)

I cried, of course, when we said goodbye, and again as I stood at the back of the ferry and watched as his little piece of the world got smaller and farther away.

We navigated the always horrific traffic around Seattle, and I took the obligatory Space Needle shot

The real photo op in Northern Washington is Mt Ranier as it seems to hover like a snowy spaceship over the traffic. I wonder how long you have to live here before you stop being awed by this amazing apparition?

A couple more hours and we are near Portland, one last visit with Russ' daughter and the beautiful grandkids

More tears as we left, a few more pounds on an already heavy heart.

This morning, breakfast with Max and Linda, visits with Yaney and Linda at the cottage, a group dinner and more goodbyes. More tears. The heart gets heavier.

We are almost ready to go. I've tidied the cottage and separated my kitchen stuff from Glenda's. Bags are packed, Jakes bed is ready. The bikes are in the car this time, no more rack time for them. I don't have the patience. I've left our note in the cottage guest book, taken out the garbage, swept the floor. It will look as if we were never here.

But we were. And we left pieces of our hearts all over the place like markers, like pennies in a fountain, wet with tears and wishes.

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