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Friday, June 13


I was dashing, dashing, running, muttering, usual pre-show chaos when the voice on the NPR station broke into my thoughts with the news. He was reading a list of accomplishments of someone and I thought "sounds like Tim Russert" and I stopped cold with my hand on the back door knob thinking:"Don't say it, don't say it"...but he did. Gone at 58, this family man, honorable man, Buffalo's favorite son.

I am so very sad. Never met you. Felt like I knew you, though.

You were so proud of your hometown and we were so proud of you.

The saddest thing is that you won't be here for the election. No white board with "Florida" scrawled on it. How you would have loved to see this historic race play out. Maybe you will. We mortals don't know everything.

Good rest, Mr. Russert. Your life was well-lived. We will miss you.

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Michael said...

One more note. You think people are ignorant at art shows? You should see how americans behave in Asian communites ("Chinatowns") here in the US. It's un-be-LEEEVE-able!!!