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Wednesday, June 25

rain date

When I first started doing outdoor shows, I would obsess about the weather. You can get a forecast 30 days in advance now, and I would google every service to see what they were predicting. A bad forecast would churn my stomach. And I never believed the good ones.

Oh sure, I'd mutter at the TV/computer/radio. You say it will be a good weekend, but you guys are never right.

Now I'm a bit more Zen about these things. People do come out in the rain, In fact, the prevailing wisdom is that true shoppers come out and the dog walkers and stroller brigades stay home. That may be true, but it's still best to have a diverse, festive crowd.

The forecast for this weekend:


Makes me remember the Syracuse show last year. It seems to always rain at some point during the Syracuse show. If it's a downpour, the crowd disperses and you pull your curtains down to protect the artwork. You wait it out, hoping the canopy doesn't cave in or spring a leak.

Then you hope that all those people who disappeared in a flash are waiting it out in a restaurant or something and will reappear as magically. Often they do, and the show goes on.

We are a hardy bunch up here in Western New York. Takes more than a rain storm or some snow flakes to scare us off.

That's what I'm counting on.

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