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Thursday, June 12

split personality

Upstairs to the studio, basement for the laundry, kitchen to load the dishwasher, back to the studio, shower for work, 3 hours at the theater feels like a vacation, home to the studio, watch TV while putting cards in their plastic jackets, up tp bed where I count things to do in the morning instead of sheep, up at 5:30 for 2 coffees before up to the studio again, on and on. 36 hours until Allentown and I am suffering split personality disorder. Next I'll be collaging the glasses, putting books in the dishwasher and trying to sell "Wicked" tickets to the mailman.

In honor of this phenomenon, I present to you the poster for this year's Allentown Art Festival. Looks just like me.

Back to the studio. Or am I supposed to be in the shower? What day is it?

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