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Thursday, June 5

musical note

We were packing up at Kenan. So was the band. They had wonderful music all weekend. The stage was in the center of the venue, close to our booth, so we got to really enjoy it. I usually hate having music right near me at a show because it is often too loud, but not this weekend. As the last day came to a close, the venue was pretty empty and we got to step out and really enjoy them. It was then we finally applauded a bit and one of the guys said "Wow! That doesn't happen often". Made me realize that even though the musicians are right there, we process them as background. So we all made an attempt to clap like crazy after every song from then on. :) The guys loved it.

Anyway, as I'm packing, one of the musicians stopped in and said he had wanted to get a journal for his daughter but it was gone. Could he go through the ones that were left? Of course. We just packed up around him. He picked one out and asked how much it was and I asked if he would accept it as a gift from me, in appreciation of the entertainment he had provided for the last few hours. (I am not telling this story so that you can think what a super person I am. I'm telling it because of what came next.)

Truth: He clasped the book to his chest and said, with an expression one would use if the gift I had just given him was a 47inch plasma TV, "Really??Are you serious?" I told him I certainly was and I said again how much we had enjoyed them and that he had given me a much bigger gift than I had just given him. He got misty. He shook my hand. Then he hugged me. Told me I would never understand how much that meant.

Now, I will admit to you that I am a very emotional person. I cry at every movie I go to. I start when the Pepsi is dancing with the popcorn. I am no stranger to emotion, but I was surprised by him. I thought maybe it was the heat.

And then he said "You study and practice for years and then you wonder if anyone ever really hears you".

OK, that choked me up just now. See?

The point I'm making here is this. Next time you are at an event with real musicians making real music in the background somewhere, stop. Look at them. Listen. Applaud. Smile.

Let them know you hear them.

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Rurality said...

That was a nice thing you did. I've only once been near a band that made me feel that way. Usually I'm ready to kill them by the time it's all over!