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Sunday, June 8


Took a break this afternoon and caught the Gay Pride parade. We are often at shows when the parade happens so I was happy to be free to see it. The main route is jut 2 blocks away, so we grabbed out cameras and went.

As always, the parade was colorful. A celebration and a message. Pride and frustration. Humor and defiance. Music. Drums. Cheers. Laughter. Every year the parade gets longer. The Mayor marched. Police led the way. Rainbow flags were on the lamposts.Could it have happened like this even 20 years ago?

The whole albums of photos can be found over there in "photos" ----> under "parade"

I love a parade. Especially parades that celebrate love. A fine way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Whaaaaaa!?!?!?! Gay Pride in homophobic Buffalo!?!?!!

Wow! Things have changed since I left!!!