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Monday, June 2

99 american craftsmen and me

What a great weekend. Most of my favorite art show cronies do this show and, since it is the first one of the year, it is like a reunion or something. Dayna's grandaughter is walking, Leah and Ken both took nasty falls this Winter but are fine now, Cheryl is still excited about Obama, Linda and her daughter are doing Chautauqua when we are and will try to get a room at the same motel that weekend, Marsha gave up on the long, straight hair thing and got a great cut. And so it goes. Friends who come together 6 times a year or so but feel like they were just together last week.

I will admit to being very fond of the Kenan Center and the shows they host twice a year. When I am lucky, I get to do both. They bookend my season. It's not just the beauty of the house and grounds, it is the organization of the shows and how they promote and run them. No, it's not all perfect, but in this business of art, it is one of the best.

There were few disasters. Our booth went up in record time, we left nothing home that required a quick u-turn, I brought enough change. These are big accomplishments in my world. Some of my favorite customers came to see me and buy stuff. I saw friends and relatives. The exhibitors around us were fun and didn't do any weird stuff like play loud country music or encroach on my space or have whispered arguments I had to pretend not to hear.

All in all, 2 1/2 lovely days. Chalk one up for art show over desk job.

I wanted to have pictures, but the ones I took were really pretty bad. Next show. Allentown. For sure there will be interesting photos from that one.

Now I just have to make enough stuff...again..with not much time to do it...again.

I live for stress.

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