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Tuesday, June 3


Not all happy news this weekend. The show I did last year in Oregon has me on the wait list. I need to tell them if I want to be there or not. They say I probably won't know whether they have a spot for me until a few days before the show.

Now I have not totally lost whatever good sense I had left. We do not drive 2500 miles and back to do a 2 day festival. All the kids are out there. Russell's 3 are in Oregon where the festival is and my son is in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington. We spend September there.

I've had mixed feelings about doing this show, although it is a really nice one. I was unprepared for how big it was and we pretty much ran out of product by early the 2nd day. The youngest, Max, is traveling with us this year. He is flying out and then doing the road trip back with the old folks. The show would have most likely paid for our gas at least, but the van would have been crowded for Max and Jake the Wonder Dog. If we are not schlepping our show stuff, they each get a row in the van to stretch out. I really want this trip to be special for Max. How often do you get to travel with the kids once they've grown?

I guess I will respond that if they can let me know by the end of July, I'll stay on the list. If I don't hear from them, I'll figure out another way to pay for the gas. Like mortgage the house or hijack an armored car.

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Max said...

I am fine being crammed in a van with a ton of stuff... I am the veal right? Just as long as I have enough room to read and can look out a window, do veal get those rights? :P