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Monday, June 16

Allentown, the real story

The real story is that the Allentown Village Society runs their show like a boot camp and I, for one, actually appreciate it. They enforce the rules with a zero tolerance policy that many find oppressive. Not me. I read the contract. I follow the rules. I do what I am told. I will be a good, rule-following exhibitor and they will provide me tons of customers, a controlled environment and the opportunity to participate in a well-respected art festival. Works for me.

Buffalonians come out in droves for this show. Not all are there to buy. Some are there to watch the other people and to eat at the restaurants and meet up with friends. It is the start of Summer.

Weather was great, I had terrific "neighbors", many friends came by to see me, a friend in the neighborhood threw a huge open house party that I was able to sneak off to for an amazing lunch. It was a good weekend.

Ever wonder what goes on behind those white canopies that line the streets during an art show? Well, here's the real story:

Hey, art shows are hard work!

Next favorite customers and encouraging words from a fellow art gypsy.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Collapsed in exhaustion.

Among all the extra art "in the back."