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Monday, June 30

auntie em! auntie em!

So, we set up for Roycroft on Friday night and woke up Saturday morning to the sound of thunder, pouring rain and lightning like strobes. Oh, lovely. I pictured our canopy twisted into a pretzel, but the weather cleared and when we got to the site, all was well. Damp, but well.

The shoppers came and stayed, ducking into our canopies when the passing showers hit, but it was a good day.

Sunday started great with a brunch for the artists on the terrace of the Copper Shop

Nothing makes an srtist happier than free food. And this was free GOOD food!

All the omens were good. But they lied. Mid-day a storm started to roll in. The art show early warning system that is made up of exhibitors scooting from booth to booth with alarmed expressions, listening to cell phones, updating what just happened 10 miles away was in full force. I started zipping up the booth sides to protect our display which was just starting to look almost the way I wanted

That was a mistake because it wasn't rain that hit, it was wind. That zippered wall became a wind powered battering ram that hit the shelves and tossed them as if they were weightless, right against my back and legs. They are not weightless, I am here to tell you. Friends from all the adjoining booths came running to help, leaving their own tents unguarded against the storm.

I love these people. Love them.

They helped Russell stack the pieces while I went to check for open wounds. When I came back, the lovely booth was rather unlovely

and the shoppers had apparently gone to the north east corner of any available basement

But we soldiered on, in rather reduced circumstances..

It was sad to have such a fine show end like that. I squished back and forth on our soaked rug, sighed, checked my stuff for damage, sighed, started packing up. And then I went to wrap a mirror that had been taken down and propped up off the water soaked pavement and saw this little bit of accidental beauty..

Maybe it wasn't an accident. Maybe it was a wink and a nudge from the universe. Or from the mischievous art show gods that like to test us with a mini tornado every so often but send us the occasional rainbow to keep us out there.

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