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Thursday, April 2

a stamp and a prayer

That phrase keeps running through my head as I assemble my applications for the year. You jump through all their hoops...slides or CD's or photos. Pay now or pay later. Write an essay /write a description /write about your process /write about your artistic vision. SASE. Photo of you at work. Must be postmarked by. Must be received by. If you're late, you're toast. Or we'll charge you extra. Or we won't even open the thing.

So you send it all off, on time, and then you wait. You wait for them to get back to you while the clock ticks away and the opportunity to add another show evaporates as the deadlines whoosh by. So, if they say "no", you are staring at a gaping hole in your calendar. A hole that means, in effect, you're out of work.

I know I whine about this on a regular basis. My whining gets even more annoying when they want payment in advance. But this is the part of the business I hate. Hatehatehate. I've got a bunch of apps out there now and, so far, I only know the answer to one. And the season starts in 8 weeks. Ack!

Now, I accept that part of my problem is that I am not motivated enough to market my work though other venues like shops and on my web site. The few shops that have my stuff literally had to coerce me. Of course, when I visit a shop and see work by friends all lit up and saying "buy me", I realize I'm nuts. I need to work on marketing. I do. I will. Soon.

But, for now, I dash to the mail slot hoping to get a glimpse of what the future holds. Usually it holds a sale flyer from Aldi.

Oh, and note to the show organizers out there: My artistic "vision" is that I get to eat on a regular basis and, if I'm really lucky, pay the mortgage.

But, hey, take your time. No rush. I'll be over in the corner conversing with the Lord.


Anonymous said...

hurah hurah, if only we could change things by verbal assault..


Conard said...

I remember going through all of this agony many years ago.
In time, I found all the worrying to be non-productive.
I mean, all the angst in the world will never produce anything other than more angst.
Relax.... concentrate on what you want and adjust your feelings to align with your end goals and not on what you don't want to see happen.