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Wednesday, April 29

Good news

Got accepted to Chautauqua again. That really makes me happy. Last year there was amazing. It was Writer's Week and my journals and book pins flew out the door. This year it is National Geographic week, not quite as sexy.

Funny thing,. though. Last year I wrote about how they send out this half sheet of paper with "accepted", " wait-listed" and "declined" on it and they highlight one of them. Pretty primitive, but I gushed that they could send it out on recycled catalog pages as long as the answer was "accepted".

Well, this year, I pull the envelope out of the mail slot and it is thick-ish. Drat! Last year I was expecting bad news because the envelope was thin, so I'm thinking that this time they sent back my checks. No. This year they have nice letters and a brochure and a list of hotels.

And a pretty blue slash over "accepted".

Excuse me, I need to complete my happy dance.

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