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Sunday, April 19

new baby!

Russell comes home yesterday after a mysterious trip to Olean for "wood". Yes, I thought it was a long way to go, but we have a really really old house and a lot of the stuff we need to restore it cannot be found at Lowes, so the concept wasn't all that odd.

He brings in a big box and tells me he bought me a present. A present? In a big box? For what? He is smirking.

Totally clueless, I open it and there is the beautiful baby, skin like velvet, honey colored, nestled in styrofoam to protect her beautiful lines:

Pretty, isn't she?

This is a finishing press, used by bookbinders for..well, finishing...but when Russell saw it at the Book Fair we did last month, he saw it as a tool I could use for binding my exposed spine books. (Now I clamp them to a board with some Sears construction clamps to drill the holes, then I move them to the edge of my work table for sewing.) This press lets me do both without moving the components to different work surfaces, keeps things aligned and provides another pressing. It's a beautiful thing.

I would never have seen it that way, but he did. I would have been tied to the traditional uses of the equipment and passed it by. Now I'm thinking I can use it as an extra press for boards, too. Very cool.

The press was made by TeMPeR Productions. It is worth having just for the workmanship and the silky touch of the wood. All of his things are a joy to look at as well as being wonderful tools for the book arts.

You know, some men bring home flowers, candy, trinkets. My guy sees me and brings home a gift that speaks to my work, validates my progress, encourages me to grow, makes my days a little easier.

I guess I'll keep him.

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

That's so lovely and really great that he knows your heart and what will make you happy.