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Tuesday, April 7


Well, it isn't looking good for Allentown this year.Seems like most folks have their "yes" letters, but not I. This is not good because, if I remember correctly, A'town sends out the yes letters first, the no letters next. Not a good sign. And really unexpected. Since I'm pretty sure Roycroft will also be disappointing, I'm adjusting my plans.

So, with a deep breath and Conard's "don't angst" advice still fresh, I am off to the studio to get book pins ready for my merchandising blitz to libraries. If I get enough of them to bite, it will replace the lost A'town income. It would also be a cheaper way to sell my widgets.

Then maybe I'll contact those shops that have been wanting my things. Why not? I guess it doesn't matter how you sell your work, it just matters that you sell it.

Eye on the prize. Leave your angst at the door.

I'm trying. I am.

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Louise's Son-in-law said...

If it is any consolation, I think we are all casting about for new ways to survive. I've been thinking that some of us should get together in some way and brainstorm alternatives? A friend, for example, has been setting up private shows in teacher's lounges in schools. Not much money, but pretty much ZERO expense! About 2 years ago, I wrote in my ever present notebook --- "Maybe it is time to design a new life instead of a new product." About a year later, I wrote the same thing in my notebook, and only some time later discovered I had already said that! I think I might have a blog entry started here?

I still haven't really learned that lesson -- there is a new product on my blog today! - and I just realized the irony of what I named the new product idea - "Balancing Act" ;-)