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Thursday, April 30

i called your boss today

When you first wandered lane to lane before settling on one, I thought, well, new to the neighborhood. And when you went straight in that lane even though it was left turn only, squeezing me into the traffic on my right, I remembered all those times I realized I was in the wrong lane and had to squeeze over. Sure, when you finally did turn left, there was no signal involved, but, again, no stone throwing here.

Finally, we were on Delaware. Many lanes, lots of room and, hooray!, you settled yourself into the right lane, allowing me to finally drive past you on the left, leaving your annoying driving behind me. Or could I? Just I I drew even with you, your truck came into my lane, forcing me to move into oncoming traffic. Thankfully, the folks in that lane were alert and made room for me. I beeped at you so you would move out of my lane and I looked up at you to get your attention. You looked at me with disdain and spat some insults...into your cell phone.

Ya know, let me clue you in on a secret. If you are going to drive like a whack-a-mole, talking on your phone, forcing people off the road, ignoring all the rules, being a general menace, do not drive a truck with "call 825-mycompany" on it. Just sayin'. Because the right person who is just angry enough is gonna call 825-mycompany and tell the folks there that they employ a traffic menace and give them all the gory details.

Oh, it may not stop you from doing it again, but maybe it will and I gotta tell ya, Felt good.

Oh, and your boss was pissed.