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Sunday, April 5

oh, my friends...part 1

My last post was the predictable application season whiner. Two of my friends from the art show world left comments, both of which were enlightening to me.

First was Terry, who writes a blog of his own about this crazy life: Changing Lanes

Terry's wife is a mega-talented bead artist and they travel about to shows together. I think Terry has called himself her "roadie" or something in the past, but I think he most likely is her rock. We commiserate at times about the irritations of this business. His comment reflected that and it made me chuckle.

Then there was my friend, Conard. With his wife, Sandy, Conard handcrafts beautiful leather items and has grown a solid business. I have known him for a long time now and he has been a trusted source of wisdom about this life. But there is more to him than wisdom born of 30 years as an artisan. I can't do him justice in a blog, but suffice it to say he is connected to this world and this life in a way that, to me, is a combination of hard-nosed reality and rich spirituality. We have had many wonderful conversations over the years that had nothing to do with art show life. He always makes me think, he turns a light on for me. His comment was to focus on the positive, visualize where I wanted to go, take my power back. As usual, a few words from him and I feel a shift. He's right, of course.

He made me think. Why the angst, I asked myself? Why the irritation with a process I have come to know very well over the past 10 years? And, since Conard had turned the light on for me, I looked around and there was my answer, smirking in the corner of my addled brain.. I'm a control freak. Oh, yes, yes I am. And this process is control freak's nightmare.

No control over your season, over your money, over your business. Ack! The brain rebels. Well, my kind of brain does.

But my friend is right, angst is counter-productive. Focus on what you want. And you will have control. Well, well.

There is more to say about art show friends. A comment by a gallery shop manager had me thinking about this as a topic the past few days. I will write about that, but these 2 buddies jumped the line. They both have hugs coming. :)

Terry and Betty

Conard and Sandy

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