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Thursday, April 9

light bulb moment

I'm at the computer getting things together for my Elmwood app and I see the A'town app on the computer's desktop so I opened it to see if I could use the same descriptions for Elmwood.

And I'm staring at stuff that makes no sense to me. The descriptions of the books are of work I did years ago. Huh? Was I having a mini stroke here? Then I remembered.

A'town still uses slides. I had forgotten about that. So, back in January , I quickly had some made up and went about the business of finishing the application. But when I looked at the slides, they were defective. I'm sure it was my fault, but the images were cut off at the corner, one of them wasn't cropped so the edges of the material was showing. Weird. Since I had, of course, waited until the last day, there wasn't time to redo anything, so I went into my stash of old slides and pulled some out. I used a couple of slides from years ago. I thought they'd be "good enough".

There are land mines in this business. One of them is cockiness. A show always lets you in, so you get sloppy when you apply. A few years ago I would have found a way to get the right slides made. This year I just sent what I had. It would be good enough. Except not.

A good lesson. Well, several actually. Don't get cocky and don't wait until the last day. Now this is something I know but it needs to be stamped into my spongy brain with a branding iron or something.

The branding iron today was a letter from Allentown with my slides inside. Sorry.

That's OK. You taught me a lesson, never a bad thing.

Plus, Roycroft said yes and Fairport thinks they have room for me. So I will have 3 shows after all and the one I lost was the least profitable of the 3.

Oddly enough, it's all good. Go figure.

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Conard said...

Nothing odd about that at all.

I'm sure we all go through similar things in our application processes and in the end things work out. Sometimes an even BETTER show will pop up out of nowhere and we are then off to the races.

I once forgot to even send in an application for a show I had done for years. Two weeks before that show I scrambled around and found a tiny hunting and fishing show I could do for a whole 15 buck entry fee. The result was tripling my income over the regular show I did for years.