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Saturday, April 18


That's how many times this blog has been viewed in the past year. Who are these people?

Granted, I can see that some hits came when people googled stuff like "what is the view from the attic in the movie "Clueless" or "room with an attic view". Sometimes they were looking for one of the sites I link to.

But, seriously, a surprising percentage of those stats came from direct hits to this blog. Let's see, subtract me and Russell and my brother and my kid and Max and a few friends in Oregon and some loyal friends, you still get manymany strangers visiting the attic. Pretty cool.

I was going to blog for one year, just to show a "year in the life" of an art carnie. But that exercise has developed a life of its own. I think I'm addicted. There are also a few friends who email me when I haven't posted for a few days. "Are you all right?" Heh.

So, whoever you are, thanks for stopping by. Say hello once in a while.


Joy said...

I got here from a google alert I have set for 'how people think', and your sidebar is talking about art.
Just so you know. It's not just your title that gets's all the words you use.

Pat said...

Yep, I mentioned how google sends folks here with different searches, but that's a good one! "how people think". Who would have thunk it? :)

Anne Bliss said...

Hello! Please don't stop. I'm addicted to you!