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Friday, April 4

cue the "Jeopardy" theme

You know, the one they play while time runs out? doodoo doodoo doodoodoo.

That's all I've been hearing in my head this week as I wait for answers from 3 shows. All of them are among my best. All promised an answer by today. None are easy to get into, so this is truly a wait and see. The problem with rejection is only 10% of it is expletive/pout/tirade about the incompetence of people who wouldn't know good stuff if they rolled over on it, 90% is about trying to fill that weekend with another show after most of the deadlines are gone. And while I'm waiting, 2 more apps went out. One in the mail and one online.

(This is why I get nothing done. That 4 hour "The Office" marathon last night has nothing to do with it.)

Some people apply to several shows for the same weekend. The problem with that is the show may not refund your fee if you cancel, so that's hundreds of dollars donated to the promoter or organization running the show. No, I send my money to Katrina victims when I'm feeling charitable, thanks.

So, I wait. And the theme song plays over and over.

I'll take Grumbling & Whining for 500, Alex.

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