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Tuesday, April 29

bliss & bejewelled for Hospice

Well, it was a lovely event in an amazing home with some truly talented artisans. The only thing missing was people. We had hoped for a better turnout, but we still managed to raise a very decent sum for Hospice and that felt good.

I have to say there was a lot of publicity, thousands of postcards and emails. But perhaps it takes more than that to get people to come to a show on an early Spring day. We had better attendance on Sunday, partly due to a tour of homes that was happening nearby. And if you wanted to tour a home, this one needed to be on your list. What a treasure.

You can see a slideshow of the show and the house by clicking on the link to the right under "Show Photos"

On the plus side, I got to visit with people I truly love...Anne and Michelle and Mary and Chary in particular. Paul Morgan entertained us all weekend. I got to schmooze a bit with a budding entrepreneur, Mary Stephens, who has designed a line of cards that is current and artful and she is growing her business with smarts and art. Not always an easy combo.

People liked my little matchbooks, so I am making more for Virginia. I also saw which frames sold over others, which helped me focus my last minute frame making. I can't believe we leave Friday morning!

Back to the attic with me.

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