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Tuesday, April 8

bliss and bejewelled

Anne Bliss and Mary Czajkowski are two talented women with heart. Over the years they have grown their jewelry businesses with creativity and a professional marketing approach that many of us could learn from. Early on I tried to form a traveling troupe of artisans willing to bring a show to a public space near you. I called it "Art Gypsies" and I was really bad at it. Anne, one of the original gypsies, is good at it. She and Mary added a charity component and they run their shows like a business. (what a concept). Their artists have contributed to Gilda's Club, Literacy Volunteers, Planned Parenthood, Ronald McDonald House and Hospice.

B&B now have one of the most successful stops on the annual Open Studio tour here every Winter. No small feat.

They have had to make tough choices as interest grows within the arts community. They juggle the wishes of the artists with the needs of the venue, often making someone unhappy in the process, but they understand what needs to be done in order to keep it going. All the while, continuing to make exquisite jewelry.

To the right is a clickable link to the first B&B show of 2008. I am happy to be part of it.

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