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Tuesday, April 8

with a little help from my friends..

I was adding a list of fellow artists to this blog and learned that Cheryl and Don Olney from "Louise's Daughter" are bloggers, too. Love these guys. Every year, I hit Cheryl up for some of her tiny wooden or paper figures..I call them the celebrating use in my own work. I use them sparingly, I treasure them, they perch on my work bench all year, making me smile, until I pluck one from the group and use it. Every time, it adds joy and whimsy to my own little creation. I just finished a book that needed a little dancer and I went to my little stash of Olney ladies...

Visit their blog, you will be inspired and you will smile. Actually, you'd have the same response if you met them in person.

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Louise's Son-in-law said...

Happy to be part of your work! With your permission, I may add your image and a little blurb to our blog. See you soon!