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Friday, April 25

the eve of the season

Well, here we go. First show of the year is tomorrow. A benefit sale for Hospice organized by the ever lovely Anne Bliss and Mary Czajkowski of Bliss & Bejeweled. It's at the Gillespie home at 190 Bryant. This is one gorgeous residence and I'm looking forward to seeing it. I know it will make me want to torch my place, but it will be lovely to be there.

So, as is always the case before the first show, nothing went right. My printer...oh it was lucky to survive my rage today. It chewed up my vellum paper like a gerbil on a corn cob. Card stock couldn't get fed through at all for some reason. Sometimes it spit out blank sheet after blank sheet. It was mocking me, I tell you. Like that old Twilight zone episode when the household appliances revolted and conspired to take over.

Then the guy who is painting our house finally showed up, right in the middle of the chaos. He needed me to find a roller. He needed iced tea. And, gee, lunch would be nice. Lunch? You've been here 25 minutes. But I'm a softie and off I went to Burger King. Without money. Came back for the money. Back to Burger King. Back to the painter. He snatched the bag and trotted off to his place around the corner. I swear I heard the printer snicker.

Russell came home, all jazzed and happy about seeing Ralph Nader, wearing a big green Nader for Peace button. I growled at him. The printer sighed with disapproval. The painter came back from his 2 hour lunch.

Sent the painter home, grabbed fish fries from The Towne and off to Mom's in the 'burbs to help her with some paperwork. Don't ask.

Back home to try to get something, anything, done for tomorrow. First had to stop at Russ' studio to get our display stuff. Settled for tagging the books and putting little stickers with our name on the back covers. Had to print the little stickers. Price tags. Got the knuckle buster and charge slips and pens. Russell put our cards in the windows of the frames. I cut the business cards and blog postcards.

I have nothing to wear tomorrow. My fingertips are tacky from glue. I'm not sure I have everything I need. I forgot to get change.

God, I love this!

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Conard said...

The first show of the year is always an exciting experience, even after 30+ years in the business I still get antsy thinking about all the things we have to do to be ready for the "show".
Good luck in VA, we are doing the Lilac shows you love so well in Rochester. :)