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Sunday, March 30

a little break

We took a few hours out of the day to travel south to Colden for Maple weekend. The maple syrup places all over the state have open houses this weekend and we always mean to go and always somehow forget. But today the air was soft and the sun was warm and it just seemed wrong to stay indoors. So off we went. Dog. Sandwiches. Tea. Vitamin water. Pears. Cameras. It was restorative and fun. I think they call the houses with the boiling equipment "sugar shacks". If they don't they should.

I took some pictures, a few of which seemed pretty good to me. I am definitely going to use some of my pictures on the books.

I've made up postcards to hand out at shows about this blog. It will be interesting to see what effect, if any, the blog has on the business. At least I'm having fun with it.

Well, break is over and the attic calls...

Can't wait til morning. Pancakes with brand new, pure maple syrup.

What diet?

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