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Tuesday, July 15

ruined for life

Well, that is my sense after doing my first Chautauqua show. Let's face it. How often am I going to set up at a show with a captive audience that will be there no matter what the weather? How often will that captive audience be affluent enough to afford this place as a Summer or even year-round residence? When will it happen again that my booth full of journals be set up during a writer's conference?

See what I mean? If there is such a thing as an exact confluence of conditions that create a "perfect storm", then there is a coming together of factors that make the perfect art festival. It's going to be hard setting up in the real world for the rest of the season!

You can go to "photos" over there ----> somewhere and click on "Chautauqua" to check out some images.

We met some wonderful people and got to reconnect with old friends. Happily, the booth across form us was occupied by the always entertaining Linda Surace and her daughter, Cara. Good friends that enjoyed the symphony with us Saturday night.

The residents and visitors of Chautauqua seem to absorb the serenity and creativity of the place. They browse the booths at a leisurely pace, ask questions about how things are done, notice and appreciate the details.

I got to pet a whole lot of really cute dogs.

The Sunday strawberry festival had the best strawberry shortcake I have ever had in my life.

Sure, I came home to a major car repair and 2 more shows to pay for. Had to order a lot of supplies. But that's how life is, how business is. It's not all strawberries and cream, but every so often you get shortcake and life is good.

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