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Monday, July 7

another countdown

We had a few days away, on Long Island with Russell's family, but I did bring work with me. Just a few things. It was a short drop-by for family and fireworks, followed by a night drive home.

This weekend is Chautauqua. Everyone on the circuit has told me the same 3 things: One: congratulations on getting in. Two: You will do great there. Three: Be ready for very strict rules.

Indeed, just the "welcome" packet is daunting. Don't forget your sales tax certificate or we will send you 75 miles back to Buffalo to get one. Then they list how many times they've done that just recently. You go through the gate at EXACTLY 7:15, then you have EXACTLY 30 minutes to unload. My palms sweat just reading the list of do's and don'ts. But I understand it. We are setting up on the grounds of an Institute in the middle of its season.

I think if I can't sell a bunch of journals here, I never will. It is a place devoted to the arts and the spirit and the mind. Surely they will want to write some of that stuff down, right? So, I am focusing on the books.

My attic is an oven and the A/C decided to quit, so I am doing an hour at a time. Then I come down to do laundry, play Zuma, see Russell. Cool off. Then back up to the oven. This may be a new weight loss trend. The stairs and sweat workout. Put it to music and Richard Simmons might do the video.

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