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Saturday, July 12

cue celestial harps and stuff

Here we are at Chautauqua. Saturday morning. Russell and I are sitting outside at umbrella tables waiting for breakfast. This patio is below street level, so we are looking up at sunlight through old, magnificent trees. There is a fountain bubbling. I can hear it, but not see it. Every so often someone on a bike goes by, soft whirr on brick walks and then it is quiet again. A chipmunk entertains us, scampering over, around and through the railings. Just now a robin flew to her nest under the eaves, right over our table. Her babies stretched and cried for food.

There is a contest here to describe Chautauqua, in 100 words, for someone who has never beenhere. I've never been able to capture the place in words. Phrases come to mind. Charming. Serene. Inspiring. Spiritual. None are really adequate. You must come here.

I wrote to my son yesterday that I was sitting on the lawn in Bestor Plaza. We had been selling a lot of things. The sun was warm. Garry Trudeau was signing books a few yard away. Flute music was in the air. I told him that if I had died and this was Heaven, I was OK with it.

So, are we having a good time? Yeah. It's OK. ;)

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