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Monday, July 28

downtown Syracuse

The first year we did this show..5 years ago...we were giddy with how well we did. To be fair, we also had really low expectations then. We've done it every year since, except for 2 years ago when we were wait-listed. We never did match the hey day of that 1st time, but it's been a good show. This year, they changed the date so they could bundle up a bunch of festivals into one weekend.

Oh goody. That will help get people to this particuar festival. What were they thinking?

I tried to be optimistic. Maybe it would actually work. Get more people downtown. They would trickle down. As we were setting up, I kept squinting a a little sticker on the light pole behind our tent. Couldn't quite read it, (note to self: get new contacts), so I ambled over to satisfy my curiosity. I could only hope this was not an omen

Alas, the trickle down theory didn't work for Reagan and it didn't work for us. The best crowds were on Saturday and, of course, it rained.

It always seems to rain at least once at this show, causing a river to instantly form at the back of your booth. You have to be real speedy to get your stuff up on dry land.

How bad was Sunday?

Hey! Get some crowd control in here!!! Hold that guy back before he breaks something.


We like this show. We like Syracuse. We see a lot of people we enjoy during the weekend. We had a wonderful, expensive breakfast at a French restaurant on Saturday morning. They throw a barbecue for us. Those niceties go into the plus column.

But when I add up the cost of the show and gas to Syracuse and a hotel for 3 nights? Yikes. I ain't that nice ya know?

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