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Tuesday, July 22

piling on

I e-mailed the folks in Oregon, asking how that ol' waiting list was going. Only one no-show so far, she replied, but most of the openings happen just a few days before the show.

Well, I am just not going to schlep 300 pounds of display across the country, stuffing Max and Jake into tiny nooks and crannies of the van on a "maybe". But, with the cost of gas rivaling mortgage payments, we really need another income maker to help finance our vacation. What to do?

I called the folks at Hammondsport to see if they had any last minute openings and the lovely Carol chuckled and said she had been expecting my check for weeks. Apparently, bead goddess Leah, who has offered to house us during the show, had mentioned I might be calling.

So, I now have 4 shows in the next 6 weeks. My hands feel like bricks and there is a nasty pain developing in the joint of my thumb. Russell will have to take over some cutting and whatever else I feel comfortable about delegating. But I love the Hammondsport show and Max will be here to enjoy it with us. He can hang at the beach while I try to gather some more cash for the trip.

And I will have a non-working vacation in the Pacific Northwest before coming home to get ready for the holiday shows. This is turning out to be a good thing.

Hey Max! You get a whole row of seats to yourself! (can't wait to see ya)

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Max said...

Sweet! A row of seats just for me! I will have to build a fort or something! Hammondsport seems nice. I look forward to the 2 shows while I am out there, and also it means you will get to relax while you are out here. :)