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Saturday, March 15

assembly line

When I think of "production", this is the image that comes to mind:

But for a craftsperson, it's a different sort of thing, albeit just as tedious at times. For instance, I stockpile book covers

Just cutting the boards and gluing the papers is a yawner, for sure. Then they have to sit in the book press for a day so they stay nice and straight. The fun part is when I actually assemble the book and add the (hopefully) artistic elements, but that is still a few weeks away. So, I plug along.

The miniature books that I make into pins have a different set of tasks.They go into the book press, just like the big ones, but I assemble them first. The challenge there is to have everything organized so I can pull the colors and textures I need without a lot of searching. When your work is just an inch and a half, every element is important.If I have an interesting assortment at my fingertips, the designs just sort of leap out at me. This is what I came up with. It cracks me up that the whole operation fits into a 10 inch square basket.

Now, if I could organize my house this well. Or even half as well. Actually, if I could organize my house at all....

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