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Friday, March 28

a decision about Kenan

I was checking the website of one of my favorite shows, 100 American Craftsmen at the Kenan Center, and saw that they had the slide show up of this year's artists. Nice touch. If you click on the slide show, it opens up into a full screen and you can navigate through from there. I was interested to see which of my images they would choose and I was happy to see a book. Usually they use my cast paper bowls.

So, as I'm clicking on the pictures, I see the work of a paper artist I admire from Rochester, Raphaela McCormick. We met at the Clothesline Festival there a couple of years ago. She does amazing vessels and sculptures. You can see her work on line at:

I enjoy making my cast paper bowls and vessels, but they are a small part of my booth. I noticed that my fellow book artist, Susan Soleil is not in the show this year (I think she has moved to the Carolinas). So, for Kenan I am leaving the bowls home and concentrating on the books.

It's good to be able to focus like this. It gives me a clearer picture on how I want to approach the Kenan show. Now all we need is the right weather. Last year was crazy hot for that time of year and it hurt us all in that cavernous arena with no A/C.

You can click on the link for Kenan to see the slide show. Some beautiful work there. I am always grateful to be included in this group.

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