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Saturday, March 22


My perfect, beautiful, much missed man-child is visiting his Mom this week, so the studio door remains closed. Even if the most we do this week is watch old movies together and visit family, I am smiling.

So, here's a smile for the art fair artists who don't have son-shine on them this week. In one of the forums, the question was asked "do you call yourself an artist?"

Now the topic of what is art and what is craft and are you an artist or a craftsman or an artisan blahblahblah, often gets tossed around for those who need to ponder such things. The answer I loved was "I only call myself an artist at art shows. As in 'where is the artist parking'?"

Something beautiful about that.

Back to my boy.

1 comment:

Michael said...

I really relate to that! I never think of myself as an artist, so every once in a while I am shocked to hear myself described as one by someone else, as in, “This is Michael, an artist friend of mine…”