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Tuesday, August 5

to market, to market

Well, with the last 2 shows being less than stellar and much of the profits going to keeping my car and my cat up and running, I'm re-visiting my thoughts about selling my wares in the Pacific Northwest to help finance our vacation next month. I've had promising correspondence with Eugene Saturday Market and Portland Saturday Market in Oregon. Interesting places. I was on a committee to get one started here, but the idea sputtered.(Although, we do have Buffalo Indie Market now and that is growing nicely).

So, I'm thinking I can bring out some books and frames and cards. They pack well, take little space. The tent and rack can go on the roof rack and we can beg and borrow the rest from friends in Oregon. Feels like a plan. Max and Jake wouldn't be squished. The only casualty would be my fantasy of an actual vacation.

Vacation. As in absence of work. Leisure. Goofing off. Slacking.

Sometimes I crack myself up.

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