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Monday, August 18

Hammondsport festival of craft

This is a sweet show. Notice I didn't say "great show". Because if you measure them in terms of profitability, Hammondsport falls in the mid to low range. It is not the fault of the organizers. Sam and Carol do a great job. They get the people there, they have a crew of helpers that do everything from help you unload to popping up your tent.

I call them the busy bees because of the yellow shirts.

Short of forcing people at gunpoint to spend money, I'm not sure what else they can do. Most of the work is very good, although we did have the dreaded lucky bamboo. Hammondsport is in the Finger Lakes, on Keuka Lake, wine country. Beautiful spot.

It's a lazy little show, even the artists feel Zen-like

There is a lot of traditional craft which usually means a so-so show for us, although it does provide for some moments of whimsy

Lots of us got that golden commodity...back space, so we could spread out and socialize, I got some finish work done

All in all, a pleasant weekend. we spent the night with good friends, had a raucous, laugh-filled dinner out with a bunch from the show.

I had a margarita.

Who needs a lot of money?

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