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Friday, August 1

park avenue - no, not that one

This Park Ave is in Rochester. I've been hearing about this show since I started doing this art/craft show stuff over 10 yrs ago. I didn't apply for different reasons over the years, but now that we've dropped the other 2 Rochester shows we used to do: Clothesline and Corn Hill, it was time to give this one a shot.

No dogs are allowed at this festival (I'll believe it when I see it), .but the poster features-yes-a dog. The artist says it's because Park Ave is "dogs everywhere". OK then. Where will they go this weekend, I'm wondering.

When we ask our buddies on the circuit about this show, every single one says it is a "party" show, so lock up your booth at night. Not sure what makes them say that

Hey, we've done Ellicottville. Nothing can faze you after that. Besides, this show looks a lot like Allentown/Elmwood and I like city shows.

The weather looks promising. What more can I ask?

Yes, I see the 4 story inflatable beer bottle. It will be fine. It will.

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