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Sunday, August 3


Well, I could write about the show I did today (Very disappointing). Or I could share an email I just got. I'm going with the email. We can talk about the show tomorrow.

Here's the back story: I was set up next to 2 very cool women at a show a few weeks ago. Sally hand-paints silk and then makes clothing of it. (I get tired just thinking about it.) Very beautiful stuff. So, she is visiting in our booth and spots the little book pins and asks if I ever made them without the pin. Just the tiny book. I said I could, but what would one do with it? Well, it turns out she has a good friend with a bad case of breast cancer. Sally wanted to make up a goodie bag for her, to cheer her up, and thought the little book with an appropriate title charm would be something the friend would enjoy. I said I would make one up and send it out and that it would be a gift from me to her friend. I wanted the energy to be between women, heartfelt not purchased.

And I actually did it! No small feat in my disorganized world. I did it up in happy turquoise and purple with a tiny pewter bar on the front that said "believe". Sally wrote when she got it and thanked me and I said my pleasure and that was that.

Today I got this email from Sally:

Hi, Pat,

I just wanted to report on your mini-book's journey. I wrote text in it for my friend and on each page I put one little phrase recollecting a pleasant memory she had told me about. All about her. You had put "believe" on the cover and I told her to believe in the power of these thoughts to heal. I mentioned stuff about her dog, her precious nieces and nephews, a couple of travel references she had relayed. Anyway, it was a HUGE hit, far and away above the more expensive glass, ceramics, etc. that I sent with it. It brought tears to 3 adults' eyes.

I just wanted you to get feedback about the bookmaker's art! Books travel.

Well, make that 4 adults with tears in their eyes.

So, I could sit here and grumble about the tens of thousands of people that marched through the show today, eyes straight ahead, ignoring the artists and crafters, their hands full, juggling 7 dollar hot dogs and drinks that had been poured into a monkey head. I could do that. I'm really good at it. Funny. Bitchy.

But instead I am going to picture that tiny book, in the hand of a much loved woman. A book I made in my attic while thinking of her and her struggle. A trinket made into treasure by her friend.

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