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Saturday, May 3

road warriors

I'm still trying to figure out how it took 12 hrs to go 423 miles. I slept most of the way. Did Russell start daydreaming and forget to press down on the gas pedal?

Anyway..I got a call while we were apparently taking our own sweet time crossing the Mason-Dixon line. Roycroft. What were they thinking? They couldn't have a show without me. Why, the very idea made them shudder. This had to be corrected immediately and heads were gonna roll, I tell ya. The nerve to put someone as wonderful as me on a wait list! How could they ever make it up to me?

Well, it was something like that. Or somebody dropped out. One of those. So, the schedule gets fuller. Cool.

Off to navigate Richmond..City of No Signage...we will have to find the Powhite Pkwy which will not be identified and take an exit that will have no number, even though mapquest thinks it does.

Another show begins. And I am actually feeling the tiniest bit better. I am encouraged.

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