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Tuesday, May 13

art festival irritant #2

Wooden roses will be number one this season, I'm thinking. Right behind them, will be the dreaded kettle corn invasion.

Let me tell you why many art show artists hate kettle corn. If the promoters have set the up the kettle near the art booths, you will waste a lot of time sweeping out the popcorn that floats and skitters for blocks, usually coming to rest inside your tent. If you are set up within 20 feet of them, your booth will be shrouded in smoke/steam and your product will take on the sticky sweet smell of the corn. And then there is the line of people waiting to buy the stuff, blocking the front of your display and effectively rendering you invisible.

But the number one reason many art festival artists hate this ubiquitous snack (I'm sounding like Letterman here) is that invariably a customer will comment that your prices are too high as she digs her fist into a 15 dollar bag of kettle corn.

Some friends are doing the Lilac Festival weekends and one of them commented on slow sales but noted that there was no shortage of folks munching on 5 dollar cones of french fries.

I love to snag a snack at festivals, especially when it is something that I don't get to eat any other time. (chicken "French" folks I'm looking at you..) I totally understand the allure of junk food consumed outside while walking along the sidewalk in the Summer air. The smell of hot dogs grilling. Lemon. Those waffle thingies that you sprinkle sugar on. It's all part pf the celebration. It's also competition for the dollars to be spent that day.

Maybe the art show promoters could be convinced to bring in snacks like tofu nuggets and squid "French" and turnip fries.

And no kettle corn.

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