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Sunday, May 4

morning story

Russell is into eating healthy. Way in. He juices. Greens, carrots, garlic, celery, name it. Whrrrrrrr. Every morning our house is fragrant with the aroma of fresh veggies ground into pulp.

He brought his juicer with him on this trip. Forgot a knife, though. The hotel said they couldn't let him borrow a knife (Patriot Act, I guess) but he could bring his juicer into the breakfast room and use whatever he wanted. Nice.

Did I mention this is NASCAR weekend? That the luggage of choice is matching beer coolers? He goes down with his veggies and his juicer. The room is packed with NASCAR guys. He says he doesn't think they were into juicing because they seemed puzzled.

No. Really? I am not a NASCAR guy and a man cutting veggies and running them through a juicer in the hotel breakfast room just might peak my curiosity.

Russell, of course, is blissfully unaware of being unusual. He just is Russell. The love of my life. :)

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